Ahead of the Game

The Cost and Its Consequences:

Any parent that has had a kid who plays sports knows they are very expensive. On average sports like baseball, soccer, and basketball cost well over a thousand dollars. Because these sports are so expensive children from lower income houses can be effectively barred from participating. Our mission is to make access to the multitude of benefits attained by sports easy and fun.


Benefits of Playing sports:


Engaging in sports can be a life changing expierence. Athletes are 92% less likely to engag in drug use and 80% less likely to have a teenage pregnancy. These are only a few of the positive outcomes that result from participation in youth sports. Despite these clear advantages to participating in youth sports only 38% of kids from 6-12 years of age regularly play a sport. This is a problem that Ahead Of the Game has made is mission to solve.

Our Impact

Following our original idea to raise sports gear from donations for the youth, we collected thousands of dollars worth of sports gear from local high schools. We then partnered with Sports Basement and the Junior Giants to distribute this gear to those who needed it most. Following our pivot to sports clinics, we have been holding 3 sports clinics a week since February of 2020 with help from the Boys and Girls Club and Up on Top. There is an average of 25 kids at each clinic and we have been able to help hundreds of kids pursue a passion for sports and build important life skills like teamwork and confidence. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been regularly uploading youtube videos to @aheadofthegamesf and have garnered thousands of views that we hope are helping the youth to stay active during the shelter in place order. Our impact may not have changed the world, but we hope that we have and will continue to change the world of the youth in and around the Bay Area.

Hours of Sports Fun for Kids

Hours from High School Volunteers

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